Institutional Owner Services

Many institutional owners find themselves without the technical resources to effectively manage their oil and gas assets.  So long as royalty checks continue to roll in and there are no immediate decisions facing the owner, why invest the overhead necessary to maintain in-house expertise?  Problems arise when the institution wants to rationalize their royalties or simply value their ownership for internal allocation purposes; or when approached by third parties wanting to lease their minerals, obtain a seismic permit, or the operator wishes to modify operations through unitization—which may greatly affect royalty payments.  This is when Obsidian Energy’s Institutional Owner Services are beneficial.


We are a small shop of experienced oil and gas professionals who can give your assets the attention they deserve.  No interest is too large or too small.  When you call Obsidian Energy you will speak to one of the partners directly.  We will not attempt to buy your assets.  If you would like to sell your interest we will assist you in finding a buyer and negotiate the terms on your behalf, if you so desire.

Services Provided:


· Market Value determination of Oil & Gas asset for internal purposes, asset sale, or secondary market evaluations.


· Represent the Institutional Owner in negotiations with third parties:


Mineral leases, seismic permits, unitizations, operator disputes, etc.


· Assist Institutional Owner with selling assets:

                    preparing data packages, locating prospective buyers,                  negotiating terms, etc.

· Expert testimony.

Contact Us:


Telephone   972.235.9700



Experienced Oil & Gas Professionals

 50 years combined experience evaluating oil and gas assets and identifying development projects.

 Acquisition and divestiture evaluations.

 Exploitation of assets.

 Equity determinations and unitizations.

 Expert testimony.

 Institutional Owner Services.

Texas Registered Engineering Firm  F-12075